At Surgical Dynamics we provide award-winning Supply Chain Solutions to the Western Australian healthcare market. Our services range from full 3PL/4PL integration to stand alone pick and pack services. Whatever your logistics requirements are in the Western Australian market Surgical Dynamics has the size and flexibility to deliver ongoing supply chain innovation and customer value.

Our Supply chain offering is award winning. After achieving a Pick accuracy of 99.9% over the course of the last decade our logistics service was recently recognised with a Global Outstanding Supply Chain Partner Award and subsequent Supply Chain Supplier of the Year Award with a major multinational healthcare supplier that we provide exclusive services to in WA.

If you’re an out-of-state or international healthcare supplier with an interest in winning & efficiently servicing more supply contracts in WA, you might like to consider using our Supply Chain solutions:

Partner with Surgical Dynamics and avoid the setup costs…

There are substantial costs associated with setting up a dedicated branch office to service the WA market, but you can avoid those entirely by organising your distribution to WA clients through our logistics services.

We have the flexibility to tailor a total solution that works for you so if you also require Direct Sales representation in WA please contact us.

Offer overnight delivery…

It’s becoming an increasingly common contractual requirement in servicing Western Australian Healthcare contracts that delivery times are quicker than can be achieved by sending orders from the East Coast of Australia.

Your eastern states competitors will find it hard to compete when you’re able to offer overnight delivery through a Western Australian based logistics service; we’ll be your secret weapon in WA.

Win more regional supply business…

Prompt & reliable distribution is especially important for clients in remote areas of WA. While your out-of-state competitors’ deliveries are being affected by bad weather or other travel delays, your products will already be in WA and en route.

Enjoy the benefits of Industry-specific logistics…

Unlike general purpose logistics companies that employ a one-size-fits-all approach to logistics, we appreciate the intricacies of the medical surgical supply industry because we’re a part of it. So if you’d prefer your deliveries were being handled by a logistics team with industry-specific experience, talk to us.

Choose the solutions that best fits…

To discuss our Supply Chain Solutions please call Paul Summers on (08) 9262 7300.

Contact Surgical Dynamics today for experience you can rely on and service you can trust