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Medical Supplies

Need big brand medical surgical products from a stable, long term, reliable supplier that’s focused
wholly and solely on the WA Healthcare market? We make the sourcing process simple,
convenient, efficient and stress free.

Supply Chain Solutions

Looking for supply chain solutions from the local WA Healthcare market expert with decades of
experience? We can help you win and efficiently service more supply contracts in WA with our
flexible, industry specific logistics offerings.

who we are

Surgical Dynamics has over four decades of experience servicing the Western Australia healthcare market. We have long term relationships with many of our national and international supply partners which results in our strong, reliable supply chain of product. Our focus on only the Western Australian market together with our commitment to flexibility enables us to offer unique and tailored solutions to the most challenging problems.

our services

The WA healthcare industry has changed significantly over the last four decades, but one thing is as true today as when we started the company; there’s no such thing as one size fits all in this industry!

our agencies

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